Grover Concepts


Grover Concepts is a Washington, DC–based boutique digital media firm focused on design, short film development, social media strategy creation, event photography, and digital project management. 

Digital Design
Grover Concepts develops unique digital gifts and products that you can share with your clients, friends, and family. Whether you need photo story books that showcase your business or expertise, celebratory or commemorative photo books for special events, or digital work portfolios to present your achievements, we can help.

Video Development

Video is one of the most effective vehicles for communicating your message clearly and effectively. To stay competitive, businesses and professionals interested in strengthening their brand should consider sharing their voices and stories through rich media such as video. Grover Concepts helps you to develop and broadcast your message via a wide range of social media platforms. 

Social Media Strategy Creation
Social media allows you to connect with your audience, expand your community, and strengthen your online identity. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media tools can be used to promote your cause, product, or business. We help you build and develop your online presence.

Photography Services
Grover Concepts offers photographic coverage of a wide variety of events. We photograph business gatherings, networking opportunities, galas, and other professional events, as well as personal celebrations like weddings.

Project Management
We manage and coordinate photography and video-storytelling initiatives.
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